The EVEXAR product range was designed by users, with users in mind. All our products are self-contained and feature rich.

All products are self-illuminated. A superbright LED and custom light guide ensure maximum light is delivered to the end of all EVEXAR products.

Material choices were made on the basis of user needs. All EVEXAR products employ high gloss shatter resistant plastics.

All products feature

  • Ergonomic design
  • Self-illumination (unique ‘LUX’ system)
  • Safety systems and materials
  • 3 year shelf life


  • Base features, plus:
  • Patented ‘CLEAR VIEW’ system
  • Lens system
  • Included inflation system


  • Base features, plus:
  • Aerosol/smoke extraction tube
  • Screw closure option
  • Ratchet closure option
  • Failsafe closure


Ready when you are

You can depend on EVEXAR products, on removal from packaging, all products are immediately ready for use.


Depend on immediate intense illumination of the site whatever the situation or location.


Careful materials selection and design features remove the risk of accidental injury to user and patient.


Self-contained and fully disposable, all EVEXAR products enable shorter procedure times, and remove the need for subsequent 'clean up' of chargers, light sources, cables etc.


EVEXAR products are designed with both the user and the patient in mind. Materials are low friction, high gloss, with smooth rounded edges and transitions, handles are ergonomic with built in safety features. No compromise.




EVEXAR – Illumination by design



With a full feature set, high specification materials and design there’s been no compromise on getting the products right.

In addition we do claim economy in use. The very features that add cost also increase convenience and enable reductions in procedure times.

As an example,
SIGMOLUX, our self-contained sigmoidoscope system doesn’t require any accessories for instant use. Lighting, Inflation system, viewing lens, are all included. At the end of the procedure the product is simply thrown away with no disinfection, storage etc required. Not only quicker, but safer too, minimising cross infection risk.

This example is repeated again and again across our product range

We’ve worked to keep our product pricing down, even with the premium features and specification you may well be surprised at just how competitive our pricing is.

Product Features Review
Features included on all EVEXAR products

Ergonomic Design

All EVEXAR products have been designed by users. All of the development was undertaken at University College Hospital London, with surgeons working with a user groups to define products that not only had the feature set required but that felt right in use. Handles are designed to fit either hand, shaped to ensure maximum grip. Connections into products for example the smoke extraction tube on the specula, and the positioning of the light pack in the handles of all products were designed to ensure a low centre of gravity and minimal rotational torque.

Light delivered directly to diagnosis or exam site

Clear unobstructed view

Safety systems and materials

With reported incidents involving both user and patient injuries due to materials failure the materials choice for all EVEXAR products are shatter resistant high gloss, low friction, with high clarity levels. In addition attention has placed on ensuring that all edges are both smooth and also smoothly transitioned between parts to ensure patient comfort on insertion.

Self-illumination (unique 'LUX' system)

All EVEXAR products benefit from the unique ‘LUX’ system. This system uses a custom ‘light pack’ containing three LR44 alkaline cells and a superbright LED. The light pack is retained in the handle of all EVEXAR products. Switching the light pack on is by the simple removal of a pull tab. Light is directed out of the pack into a custom designed light guide (rather like a large diameter optical fibre). The guide for each product is designed to ensure maximum light is transmitted. The distal end of each guide (depending on the product) is angled and terminated to ensure that exiting light is directed to the examination site. Once activated the light source will remain at maximum intensity for at least 30 minutes, gradually decreasing thereafter. As part of a disposable product the light pack can be thrown away with the product, however if wished the light pack can removed and disposed of in accordance with local policies.

Light delivered directly to diagnosis or exam site

3 year shelf life

All products are manufactured with a three year shelf life. Inevitably this means that when delivered the product expiry will be less than three years, however we work to ensure that purchasers will always get a minimum of one year’s shelf life.

Additional Features - PROCTOLUX proctoscope range

Patented 'CLEAR VIEW' system

During insertion the PROCTOLUX employs an obturator to both occlude the lumen of the product and enable insertion. This provides a design challenge when using a light guide light source. As well as designing the obturator to ensure smooth transition between the obturator and the product walls and providing a high gloss rounded tip, the obturator design needs to ensure that in use the light guide tip remains free of faecal matter. This is achieved by the patented 'Clear View' system, unique to EVEXAR products. A mechanical cam operates to ensure that during insertion the cam occludes the light guide channel, and on removal lifts to clear the light guide, leaving the tip clean.

PROCTOLUX is available in two sizes, 22mm and 25mm.

Additional Features - SIGMOLUX sigmoidoscope system


  • Integral Light source and illumination system
  • Obturator including ‘CLEAR VIEW’ system
  • Graduated 20 cm barrel
  • Inflation bulb (with release valve)
  • Air reservoir and tubing
  • Air tight viewing lens
  • Disposable after use

SIGMOLUX is delivered as a ‘ready to go’ complete system. No assembly is required.

SIGMOLUX is a complete sigmoidoscope system designed to assist in reducing procedure times. During insertion the obturator (which includes the patented ‘CLEAR VIEW’ system which ensures that the light guide cannot become occluded during insertion) remains in place. Once the SIGMOLUX is positioned the obturator is simply pulled smoothly out of the barrel. Light is transmitted to the end of the barrel via an extended light guide. A latched air tight viewing lens closes the barrel allowing the system to be pressurised using the included inflation bulb. A built in air reservoir supports the inflation pressure. At completion of the procedure pressure can be reduced using the release valve on the inflation bulb before releasing the lens latch. The entire system can then be thrown away.

Additional Features - SPECULUX Vaginal Speculum


Designed with safety, patient comfort and ease of use in mind, in addition to the Base Feature set described above the EVEXAR range of vaginal specula include a number of user definable options.

Smoke extraction tube

An aerosol/smoke tube extraction is included. This consists of a silicone perforated tube which extends to the end of the lower beak, enabling aerosol removal at the point of illumination. While other devices have smoke removal options as an afterthought (placed on the top of the product, resulting in twisting forces) SPECULUX, designed with aerosol extraction in mind has the connector for the external vacuum at the base of the forward handle generating no torque, and also out of the way when using the product.

Closure options

Two closure options are available;

Screw closure

This option employs a freely spinning wing nut on an acrylic thread. To adjust the opening position of the beaks, or to retain the beaks in a particular position the nut can be spun or incremented enabling both coarse and fine control. The system is silent in operation and is generally preferred by patients.

Ratchet closure

This option employs a 4 step ratchet to adjust the opening position of the beaks. The ratchet is spring loaded to operate as the beak separate, release is accomplished by tensing the beaks while applying downward pressure on the ratchet. Each engagement of the ratchet is accompanied by an audible 'click'.

Failsafe closure

Unlike other products SPECULUX includes a patented 'graceful failure' mechanism. This mechanism removes the risk of device fracture, where fragments of product have been documented injuring patients and users. SPECULUX is tested to resist over 45 Newtons force however when excessive force is applied the closure assembly simply detaches within the handles, closing the speculum safely.

EVEXAR pursue a policy of continuous product enhancement and improvement. We welcome feedback on our products, and their use. Please feel free to contact us.