Product Feedback

SPECULUX from EVEXAR MEDICAL LtdThere’s no better way for us to get a good understanding of how well our products work, than to get feedback from our users. We’d like to hear of your experiences and thoughts about our products. Please feel free to use the comments link, or, alternatively print out the feedback forms below.

We’ve included the following items – however there is also a ‘Comments or suggested improvements’ section – the more the better as far we are concerned.

Presentation and packaging – ease of use

We’re looking for feedback on your thoughts about the packaging, including the label text content and layout.

Illumination intensity

Your thoughts on the level of light delivered to the examination site by the light guide

Product performance

We worked hard to make the products ergonomically superior, however we still like to get feedback on your thoughts of the handling, use of features etc.

General Ease of use

We position our products as easy to use, the feature set, including self-illumination, full disposability safety features and superior materials etc. Let us know what you think.

How likely would be to reorder/recommend

An interesting question for us! Whatever your choice we’re interested to know 'why' .

We look forward to hearing from you…

Feedback forms: